Bartending at Clear Sky Restaurants can be a terrific occupation for the right person. Tips can be through the roof, and the atmosphere and clientele can make for fun shifts. The most successful bartenders have certain qualities that get them the more lucrative positions and best tips. Clear Sky on Cleveland has some of the best bartenders in town.

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Some of those top qualities include:

  • 1. Knowledgeable About Drinks: Mixology skills are an essential quality of a great bartender. Bartenders should know off-hand how to make the most common drinks, but not be afraid to consult reference books as needed to make drinks that they are not familiar with.
  • 2. Has Good Customer Service Skills: A great bartender has outstanding customer service skills. The very nature of the job is to serve customers, and pay largely depends on tips. A great bartender has a personality that connects with customers and keeps them coming back to the bar.
  • 3. Maintains Cleanliness: A great bartender keeps the bar and dishes in top form. When working with food and beverages, keeping things clean and sanitary is vital.
  • 4. Is Well Prepared to Handle Unusual Situation: Bartenders should always be prepared for anything, such as uncommon drinks or larger-than-usual crowds. Liquors and wines should always be well stocked and the bar clean and ready for customers.
  • 5. Is Attentive: A great bartender stays on top of everything. They know when their customers need drink refills or when something in the bar needs to be restocked.
  • 6. Has a Good Personality: The most successful bartenders have friendly personalities that connect with customers. When a customer feels like he or she has a friend in a bartender, they become a repeat customer and leave generous tips.
  • 7. Has a Keen Memory: Great bartenders have excellent memories. They remember regular customers’ drinks, as well as what new customers are currently drinking. They also have dozens of drink recipes memorized.
  • 8. Possesses Strong Money-Handling Skills: Bartenders also act as cashiers and must be good handling money. They should be able to quickly make calculations and figure out change.
  • 9. Is Highly Efficient: A great bartender works quickly and efficiently. When serving multiple customers, speed is an important quality to have.
  • 10. Acts Responsibly: Other staff members depend on a bartender to be on time and efficient. Bartenders have to remember to check IDs and keep things in their area under control.