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Rock & Roll Hall of Fame prog rock band YES are making their Capitol Theatre debut for an upclose and personal celebration for their 50th Anniversary! This year marks half a century since the formation of the legendary group YES, one of the biggest bands in prog-rock history and true pioneers of the genre. You’ve never seen them in such an intimate setting. This not-to-be-missed tour will feature not only many of the band’s classic hits, but performances of Sides 1 and 4 and an excerpt from Side 3 of their 1973 album Tales From Topographic Oceans. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to see these Rock & Roll Hall of Famers in such an intimate setting!

YES’s current touring line-up consists of all-star members Steve Howe (guitar), Alan White (drums & percussion), Geoff Downes (keyboards) Jon Davison (vocals), Billy Sherwood (bass) and additional drums is Steve Howe’s son, Dylan Howe.

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